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Why Your Construction Business Does Requires CFA Piling?

Do you know what precisely a Continuous Flight Auger Pile means does? Well, a Continuous Flight Auger Pile is also known as a CFA pile. Typically, CFA piles are used by piling contractors in the construction business.

It is used to mount and lift heavy structures and keep them above the ground. Stay tuned if you want to know why your construction business requires CFA piling.

How Does a CFA Piling Works?

If the topsoil’s upper soil layer cannot bear the heavy construction load, then a concrete pile is used as a base.

Typically, there are two types of concrete piles – CFA piles and bored piles.

Bored piles have large diameters than the CFA piles. They are capable of accumulating the heaviest construction loads. Usually, an uninteresting pile is used for infiltrating the ground. Also, they help in bypassing impediments.

On the other hand, CFA piles can efficiently handle light construction loads. They are best suitable for all types of construction projects and soil types. CFA piling is a cost-effective and efficient solution as compared to bored piles.

If the soils tend to collapse or the water table is high, then CFA piling is the ideal solution. Also, CFA pilings don’t require any temporary casing while setting up. If you compare the productivity of both types of pilings, then CFA is a clear winner.

Why Does Your Construction Business Requires CFA Piling?

As discussed above, CFA piling is more advantageous and effective. Here are some reasons why your business requires CFA piling:

  • You can easily mount CFA piling on any soil type.
  • CFA piling is highly effective if your construction business is using lightweight structures.
  • CFA rigs provide a safe and efficient solution to contractors.
  • CFA pilings ensure the successful completion of construction projects on time.
  • CFA piling is an excellent solution for urban development projects. It causes no vibrations or disruptions to the adjacent buildings.
  • CFA piling is suitable for all soil conditions and project types.
  • CFA piling is best for both commercial projects and residential projects.
  • It has a higher success rate as compared to bored piling. All in all, it is a viable option for the construction business.
  • The noise levels caused by CFA pilings are deficient.
  • Piling contractors use broader drills, which makes sure that construction materials are being used efficiently.

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