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Why Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

Keeping your house in top shape includes cleaning the drains. This is since the drains are exposed to concerns like hair, grease, soap scum, and other debris that can cause clogs. When the drains are clogged, you are exposed to concerns such as water damage, more plumbing problems, and creating an optimum environment for mold and mildew growth as the waste backs up in the tub, shower, and sink, among other areas. Cleaning the drains might not hit your mind until you are dealing with clogs, and the worst part is how recurrent they tend to be. Grabbing your plunger may not be the most effective solution. More homeowners continue to realize this and turn to professional drain cleaning services.

Professional drain cleaning services, especially when you opt for routine engagement, help keep the plumbing system in top shape. Enlisting the professional might seem like an unnecessary expense, though, especially with the many DIY products available in stores. Nonetheless, the professionals are worth every penny spent, if not more, considering the many benefits they deliver. Among the top reason to hire professional drain cleaning services includes:

Handle the toughest drain issues

What’s in your DIY drain cleaning regimen? Hot water, dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and a coat hanger, right? Here are the shortcomings that make the DIY hardly effective:

Hot water could be causing more problems than solutions, especially with PVC pipes. The pipes and the glue at the joints could be damaged if you use excessively hot water, which is usually the go-to in hopes of re-liquefying the materials causing the clogs. On the other hand, if you don’t heat it enough, it might be hardly effective by the time it reaches the clog spots; it is much of a hit-and-miss situation, which can frustrate your DIY endeavors. This is not to mention that the approach assumes that the clog is due to causes like grease, which can re-liquefy and flow, yet it could be debris such as hair.

The vinegar and baking soda approach still rely on hot water, meaning it is not safe for PVC pipes. What’s more, while the measure could deliver promising results, it is only effective on mild and weak clogs, meaning you are unlikely to eliminate the stronger ones; hence the problem will shoot right back within a short period.

The coat hanger wire approach is inventive. Nonetheless, it only goes so far since it might not be long enough to reach the trapped debris. Sure, you’ll pull some hair, but not all, meaning it is a temporary fix.

Home remedies aren’t the best solutions for tough drain issues. The professionals have the right tools like water jets, sink auger, endoscopic “Snake” Camera, and different-sized and -shaped plungers. Moreover, they are experienced experts, meaning they can handle the tools effectively, giving them an edge when managing tough drain cleaning needs. They’ll thoroughly clean the drains, allowing you to keep clogs at bay and the pies in top shape for an extended period.


At face value, drain cleaning looks straightforward. But what happens when the plunger fails you? You’ll rush to the store products, hoping they’ll drain away the clog. This is where it gets tricky for your pipes, house, and your health. First, some products won’t work as effectively as you’d want. This means you’ll turn to stronger options, especially selections containing hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. The implication; while some will claim they are only tough on the clogs and don’t damage the pipes, they do to some extent. With repeated use, you’ll gradually wear the pipes away, which results in leaks that can affect your home’s walls and create a great environment for mold growth.

Mold impacts the indoor air quality, a point you don’t have to emphasize to those with allergies or asthma. That’s not the only health hazard, though. How do you store the drain cleaning products? That’s a huge challenge you must address, especially with kids and pets around. How about handling the chemicals? Do you have the right gear to ensure you prepare the area and safely handle the agents? Such safety concerns won’t be an issue once you hire drain cleaning services.

The professionals hardly rely on cleaning agents since they have the right tools to establish the root cause of the clogs. Even when the chemicals are involved, typically as a last resort, they know how to pick safer options. They use environmentally safe drain cleaning products that are friendly to the pipes. With the right gear and techniques, leave your sinks, pipes, garbage disposal, and other affected surfaces safe and thoroughly cleaned.

Effective cleaning

Hiring drain cleaning services does a lot more than keeping the system clean. They effectively clean the system, eliminating the clogs and odor. Moreover, routine professional cleaning saves you more time and money, especially since you avoid concerns like corroded drainage systems, burst pipes, water contamination, and skyrocketing water bills. Such effectiveness keeps your home comfortable, healthier, and safer. As you won’t be dealing with costly repairs and maintenance and high water bills, you’ll further make home maintenance affordable, contributions that deliver the value of your investment in professional services.

Here is the kicker; do you know what’s down there contributing to the clogs? While it is easier to assume it is dirt, you could be struggling to flush away some valuables. Jewelry, such as wedding bands and earrings, are common culprits when dealing with clogs. You may have accidentally flushed the jewelry, and with the professional team, you can find and retrieve them. This is a win-win as you get your valuables back while dealing with the clogs. The pros don’t just dive in and start cleaning. They use tools like drain endoscopes to see what’s down there, ensuring they use the proper techniques.

Besides determining what is down there, the clogs could signify a developing problem such as sewer line blockage. The professionals can identify this and help you take the proper measures before the situation escalates. Such effectiveness can hardly be realized through DIY drain cleaning quests.

Finding and hiring the right drain cleaning services may take a minute. Nonetheless, considering the many benefits you stand to realize, it is a worthy cause.

Mechanical plumbing services for drains is where you use hand-powered equipment for cleaning drains, such as power augurs and drum cleaners.

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