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Which Type of Shed Should I Get?

So, you’re looking at sheds and weighing your options. After all, there are so many on the market. Maybe you’re leaning towards one or you’re truly unsure. Either way, let’s talk about the things you need to know when you’re considering which type of shed should I get?

Consider the Material

Sheds come in many materials, but the most popular include wood, resin, and metal. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. For example, what is the difference between a resin and a wood shed? The wood looks amazing and is fairly sturdy, but it is very high maintenance. Wood can crack, rot, rust, and peel over time. So, it will need to be checked frequently and repaired on demand. A resin shed, on the other hand, typically doesn’t have those issues and mainly just needs to be cleaned off every once in a while. They can also have a wood look to them without maintenance. Metal sheds can rust which means repairs however they are very durable. Typically, they will be much colder on the inside than a wood or resin shed, though. So consider this carefully as you shop.

Think About the Size

The next thing you’ll want to consider is the amount of room you have in your yard for a shed. Do you have a large flat yard or a smaller yard with hills? Maybe you have almost no yard at all? These are all factors to take into consideration when buying a shed. Sheds come in so many sizes, and the size can make a big difference. Make sure you measure the space where you’d like to put the shed before you start shopping so you don’t buy something that’s the incorrect size.

Think About the Features

Did you know that sheds have different features besides just a door, floor, roof, and walls? That’s right, many sheds offer much more than that. While considering the type of shed you want, think about whether you’ll need double doors, windows, walls you can customize, etc. Another thing to consider is ventilation. There are a few sheds that have built-in ventilation that will make your shed much less musty and dank. Other things to consider include a reinforced floor if you have heavy items, the maintenance on the type of shed you’re getting and if the shed can be locked. Make a list of your priorities and try to find a shed that fits them all!

Will You Be Assembling the Shed?

The last thing you’ll want to consider in the assembly of your shed. Are you building a shed from scratch? Are you looking to buy one that you can assemble yourself? Maybe you’d like to buy a kit and have someone else assemble it? No matter what you decide to do, some shed types are much easier to assemble than others. For example, resin sheds will be much quicker to assemble yourself than a wooden shed you need to build piece by piece. So, that’s something to keep in mind as well.

When all is said and done, the type of shed you get is really all about personal preference. Most sheds when built properly will get the job done, but just make sure you consider the size, material, features you need, and how you’ll be assembling the shed.

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