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What causes window damage?

A common problem among homeowners is window damage. This can happen due to numerous reasons, including lack of maintenance. We all know that windows and doors represent a core element in a home. These can make a huge difference in curb appeal and comfort. If you’re unsure you need new windows, you should keep reading. Here are some common causes of window damage every homeowner needs to know.

Improper operation

When you get new windows, you fail to remember you need to operate them with caution. Even though your replacement windows might appear durable, they can experience damage even from the smallest things. For example, if you constantly slam shut your windows, you risk damaging the operating system. And in some cases, improper operation can lead to cracks in the glass panes.

Rotten frames

Aging windows can experience rot and rust. But if you leave these issues unattended, your risk damaging your windows beyond repair. Rotten window frames make room for deterioration of spacers and window panes. Moreover, these can decrease the energy efficiency of your home and interior comfort.

Extreme weather

Extreme weather conditions have the ability to damage your windows. When something hits a window with superior force, the glass can break and shatter. This will lead to a loss of safety and energy efficiency. Besides, if you leave broken window panes unattended, you risk a hazardous situation. Cracked glass can break at any time and fall around your home.

Water leaks

If there are any water leaks through your windows or window frames, you should ask for professional help immediately. This is a leading cause of window damage. It can happen due to damaged windows, especially when this warp. The frames and the sash might create gaps where rain or snow can enter your home. Water leaks can make room for mold and increased humidity indoors. Remember that water has the potential of seeping into the floors and walls, which ultimately leads to expensive home improvement repairs.

Damaged screens

Window screens are designed to protect your new windows from pests, dust, or debris sitting on your glass pane. But since screens aren’t made from extremely durable materials, they can get easily damaged. If you don’t replace your window screens, you risk damaging your windows. When the screen bend or warps, they tend to hit the window glass. This leads to window damage and can cause serious issues in your home.

Broken locks

When you keep using a broken lock or latch, you damage your windows. It is best to repair those components whenever necessary. If a lock or latch is broken, you force the system to close. As a result, there is additional pressure applied to your windows.

The bottom line

The best way to determine when your windows are damaged is with the help of a professional. A windows and doors contractor has the expertise necessary to identify even the smallest issue with your windows. Expert advice is mandatory to protect your home and family. You should consider window replacement if your windows have noticeable signs of damage.

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