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What Are The Best And Durable Materials To Use For An Outdoor Pool Table?

The materials used in the making of your pool table are essential. They will affect the durability and the look of your table. If you choose poorly, not only may it affect how well you play, but it may also cause damage to your new investment, which is something no one wants to have happened.

You have three different choices for materials for an outdoor pool table. These are wood, slate, and metal. Each has other characteristics you should know before making your final choice regarding what type of table you want for your outdoor space.

Wood Outdoor Pool Tables

Hardwood is the most common material used for outdoor pool tables. The reason is that it can be left outside all year round without worrying about the elements damaging it. Different types of wood can be used, with some giving you a more traditional look while others will have a more modern look.

Either way, you will want to make sure the table is sealed and finished off on all sides and top. It will help protect it from your pollen, rain, and anything else Mother Nature may decide to throw at it. One common mistake people make is not putting enough wax on the table. It will cause it to wear out faster, which no one wants to happen.

Slate Outdoor Pool Tables

Another choice you have regarding the type of outdoor pool table you want is slate. Although it has become more popular because of its durability, there are some downsides. The first is that you can’t leave this type of table outside all year round like the one made with wood. If you do, it will start to wear down quickly because the slate can deteriorate over time if exposed to the elements.

Plus, this type of table will be much more expensive than the one you can get made with wood.

Metal Outdoor Pool Tables

The last choice for your outdoor pool table is metal. If you go this route, there are two different types to choose from aluminum and steel. Each has its good and bad points, so you will need to check them out before making your final decision.

Aluminum Outdoor Pool Tables

The good thing about aluminum is that it won’t rust, and you don’t have to worry about it leaving stains or marks on your flooring. It means you can use it inside and outside without worrying about the elements ruining it, which is a massive benefit for many people.

However, if you want to give it a more traditional look, then the aluminum isn’t going to cut it. It has a glossy finish that will show scratches too quickly, which can be annoying when trying to play on your table.


Outdoor pool tables can be fun and help you entertain guests during the summer months and any other time of the year. However, if you choose poorly, you could spend a lot more money in the long run because of how quickly it will wear down. Before purchasing one, make sure that you know all about them, including what materials can be used to make them.

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