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Update your Seattle Kitchen Without a Remodel

One of the changes that happened during Covid-19 was that many people started to cook at home more. With more home chefs, kitchens are now in the spotlight. Homeowners who don’t want to make a big investment — whether getting ready to sell or just for a fresh look — are making updates without renovating. If the kitchen in your Seattle home could use some TLC there are some ideas that don’t even involve hiring a contractor.


The first step for any remodel, whether renovating or not, is to declutter first. Getting rid of what you don’t need anymore will free up your kitchen and show you areas where you can modernize. You can aim to clear off kitchen counters and also go through every drawer. If you have duplicate items, anything broken, or appliances that you haven’t used in years, they can all go. When you declutter your kitchen, you may be surprised at how much space you have to work with. Any top realtor will tell you that decluttering is the first step to updating your home.

Buy new appliances

If you have a bigger budget to work with, new appliances can give your kitchen a new look, even if you don’t make any other major changes. A bonus of adding new appliances is that you can select energy-saving appliances that can also reduce your monthly utilities. If you haven’t upgraded in a few years, these newer models can lead to big payoffs. By buying multiple appliances together, you can often get money-saving deals.

Add some color

Color can do wonders for any room of your house and the kitchen is no exception. Adding color could be as simple as painting an accent wall over your sink, or behind an open cabinet. Other places to add color are with updated light fixtures, or new kitchen towels. A backsplash can also add design and function and with peel-and-stick features this is even a change you can make on your own.

Go green

The kitchen is an ideal place for plants, especially if you add a garden that is functional too — such as with herbs in a window, over your sink, or in another area of your kitchen. Other options for green are by hanging plants, or even creating a succulent wall for plants that are low maintenance. Greenery can add oxygen and light in your space and is an addition that can be added on any budget.

Get creative

What’s important to remember with any project is to make the space your own. When it comes to the kitchen, you can get creative with artwork on the walls, fun color palettes, or even adding wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors and styles to create a kitchen that you’ll enjoy cooking in.

The kitchen is one of those areas of your home where you can work with almost any budget. While major updates like new appliances will require an investment, you can also opt for adding color and design details to update your kitchen for less.

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