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Tricks to Enhance the Look of Your Swimming Pool

Not every homeowner is lucky enough to have a swimming pool in their backyard. This is understandable since a swimming pool is a huge monetary investment, and there needs to be ample space in the backyard. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it will always take centre stage during parties and gatherings. However, installing the swimming pool is just the first step. After you have installed your dream pool, it is necessary to decorate the poolside in such a way that it enhances the look of the pool and the backyard.

There are numerous ways in which you can make your pool area one of the most beautiful spots in your house. Some of them include:

Coloured pool finish

Rather than opting for the classic white colour for your swimming pool, you can experiment with other colours like different shades of blue or green. This will give an exhilarating Caribbean look to the pool, and you can spend your weekend lounging beside your pool like on vacation. Adventurous people can also try opting for black bottom pools to give them a stylish and modern look. Black bottom pools also help in keeping your pool naturally warm throughout the day.

Pool landscaping and greenery

Most swimming pools are located outdoors, which means you can accentuate the pool area by doing some landscaping and surrounding it with plants and shrubs. If your pool deck is made of stone or wood, you can use planters to add some greenery to the pool. If you want a lush look for the pool area, you can go for beautiful, tropical plants with big leaves. For a luxurious look, go for ferns with an exquisite texture. Quality landscaping will improve the overall look of the pool and make your property look more appealing.

Pool fence

A pool fence need not be just a protective feature for your swimming pool. You can design your fence in such a way that it adds beauty to your pool. Vinyl and wood are the most common choices for making pool fences. They provide good protection and have a good lifespan. Instead of opting for plain wood fences, you can paint the wood with colours to match your backyard. For a modern and sophisticated look, you can opt for glass fences. This will also give a good view of the surroundings from the pool. Metal and brick fences are ideal for pool owners looking for a classic feel along with good protection. If you are environmentally conscious or are on a budget, you can use shrubs, plants, and trees to create a natural fence around your pool. The plants will further accentuate the beauty of the pool area.


Adding furniture to the pool area is one of the best ways to make your swimming pool look cosy and comfortable. Placing daybeds and lounge chairs in the pool area will not only make it look elegant but also allow you to get tanned in the comfort of your home. Use some accent pillows to give it a comfy look. You can also add a splash of colour to the furniture to make it look fun and vibrant. You can also go for outdoor dining sets if you love enjoying a quiet meal near your pool with your family and friends. Placing furniture near the pool will give it a homely and inviting look.

Net hammock

Along with furniture, you can also place net hammocks in the pool area. They not only provide a comfortable place for relaxing but also give an exotic and resort-like look to the swimming pool. By installing a net hammock, you can spend your weekends on them, reading a book or sipping on a drink.

Fire pits

Combining water and fire as design features creates harmony and increase the visual appeal. This is why a fire pit near the swimming pool can improve the aesthetics of the pool area and make it look brighter and cosier. Fire pits are also advantageous when swimming at night and add extra charm during parties.

Water features

You can add some extra features to the swimming pool, like a waterfall or a fountain. You can also try incorporating power streams and jets into your pool. This will give the pool a more lively look. Sculptures also improve the look of your pool and give it more life. Sculptures can be built with water features, which will give them a more unique and sophisticated look. You can also customise the look of the sculptures and water features according to your choice. Contact your local New Zealand fibreglass pool installer to find out which water features will best suit your pool.


A pergola or gazebo is beautiful anywhere in the backyard. Having it placed in the middle of your swimming pool will make your backyard even more unique and appealing. If you can expand your budget, try building floating cottages or terraces that will make the swimming pool the focal point of your backyard. You can also use these floating structures as an outdoor makeshift living area, dining area, kitchen, or bar.

Creative lighting

You can decorate your pool area with lights to accentuate it and make it look heavenly. Creative lighting not only enhances the ambience of your swimming pool but also makes it look welcoming and luxurious. Use a combination of lights for added charm, like wall lights, string lights, wall lights, café lights, and floaters. You can also light up the plants and trees near the pool. These lights, along with beautifying the area, also increase the visibility during nighttime. They will add extra charm during evening parties and celebrations. If you are feeling adventurous, you can opt for different coloured lights. These lights will give a more party-like look to the pool area.


Building a swimming pool is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your backyard. It is a really big investment that homeowners can take pride in. Even though the swimming pool itself exudes charm and appeal, you can enhance its look and aesthetic by using some simple decoration tips. These decorations will increase the comfort level of the pool area along with improving the overall look.

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