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Tips to make your home vibrant and brighter

Our dream home is always spacious, airy, vibrant, and happy.  Contrary to a congested, dull space, a bright and vibrant living space makes a positive impact on your mindset.  Being open and welcoming enlivens you from within.

The benefits of having a vibrant and bright home are priceless.  A bright and well-lit space is refreshing.  It is conducive to productivity as well as creativity.  A bright home with ample sunlight improves your physical as well as mental health.  The sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, which is essential for good health.

Brighter homes make you feel youthful and generate constructive energy.  Living in such a home is a fulfilling experience for your body, mind, and soul.  Here are some clever tricks to make your home vibrant, brighter and airy.  These tricks are very budget-friendly and make a real difference.  Have a look.

Light it up

Brightness begins with light, and natural light is the best.  Let your windows be bigger and keep them open on sunny days.  For an exotic feel, get creative with your lighting.  Buy some designer lamps.  You can also add an ultrasound diffuser for a soothing glow.  Choose the lighting that uplifts the mood.

Experiment with mirrors

Mirrors reflect and amplify light.  They give an illusion of a larger space to the room.  This multiplying effect gives your home a glorious aura.  When you intend to make your home brighter, the strategic placing of mirrors creates magic.  Place artistic mirrors near doors and windows, and see how the bouncing of the natural light creates a vibrant ambience.

Declutter and clean up

Decluttering is the key to making your home a relaxing place.  Organize the room.  Keep all the things in their proper place.  Dispose of unrequired stuff.  The room will appear airier and brighter with minimum objects and reduced congestion.

Choose brighter and lighter fabrics

Select bright and pleasant colours such as yellow, orange, violet for your home furnishings such as sofa covers, cushions, bedding, comforters, and other types of furnishing.  Also, ensure to have lighter fabric such as cotton or linen for your bedding set or bedsheets.  It helps the room appear open, spacious, and bright.

Make it greener

It is simply amazing how a touch of greenery uplifts the vibrancy of your home.  Bring home some green plants as well as flower plants and put them where you can see them.  Plants give life to a home.  You get a positive vibe with flower plants or orchids, and your home feels brighter and happier.

Change heavy curtains

Heavy window coverings may block the natural light streaming in.  The lightweight coverings will make the windows feel airy and open.  So, swap those dark coloured or heavy curtains for light-coloured, lightweight, or sheer curtains.  In no time, your space will lighten up and brighten up.

Lighten up your floors

Having the right type of floor gives completeness to a home.  To make your home vibrant and brighter, keep your floor lighter.  Use lighter tiles or wooden shade during construction.  If replacing the floor is too over the budget, put light coloured matting or area rugs or carpets.  Set a brighter colour palette for your spaces.

Explore exciting colours

To add a dash of happiness and positivity to your home, make some bright coloured accessories a part of your home decor.  Lovely patterned pillows or throws, creative pottery, vibrant painting or artworks, a sparkling or jewel-toned vase, tribal lamps, statuettes, or a wall hanging, all these pieces have their own charm.  If you make a cluster of these accessories at a focal point such as a corner table, or entryway, you can see and enjoy them in one go and feel refreshed.

Spread delicious perfume

A rejuvenating and pleasant aroma is a delightful way to generate a vibrant vibe in your home.  It also relaxes your senses and creates a feeling of well-being.  Place some fresh, fragrant flowers in the frequently used rooms.  Put them in vases or bowls.  You can even run an oil diffuser with a fragrant essential oil such as eucalyptus in it.  Or burn scented candles occasionally.

Highlight a natural view

If you are fortunate to have an enchanting view from your window or a balcony door, highlight that part with attractive decor.  Enhance that space with the right curtains, seating, layering, wall art, plant, or anything which adds value and spreads joy.  Such a treatment will complement the beautiful view, welcome it into your home along with the natural light and make your home appear vibrant and bright.

Use light coloured furniture

 Furniture defines the decor.  If you want your home to be vibrant and energetic, go for white or light-coloured furniture.  Lighter woods and light-toned furniture makes the room appear airy and spacious.  It feels free-spirited and bright as well.  Choose white, cream, beige, light yellow or orange coloured bookcases, couches, or tables.

Use shiny surfaces

In your decor, furniture, or accessories, make use of shiny, sparkling surfaces, such as glass, mirrors, metals.  These surfaces reflect light and add glory to your home.  This small addition will make the space appear bright and enriched.

Some other tips to make your home vibrant and brighter

  • Do not clutter your shelves or racks too much
  • Try French doors instead of solid and heavy doors
  • Try layering your lighting
  • Use brighter bulbs
  • Re-arrange your furniture layout
  • Keep your windows clean

See how you can use these tips to brighten your home and make its ambience more vibrant.  A youthful home is an enchanting place to be in.  It creates memorable moments for you, and you long to return to it after a busy, tiring day.  Go ahead.  Create your comfort zone and enjoy life in it to the fullest.

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