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The Dangers of DIY Smart Home Automation

Here’s why you should NOT DIY your Smart Home

Setting up and configuring new gadgets is a favourite pastime of tech enthusiasts. Adding smart devices to your house to make life more convenient might be something you’ve considered – but before you go out and purchase all the newest hardware, consider the risks of DIY smart home automation and why using an expert smart home installer will make things simpler.


One thing to think about is how sophisticated do you want your home automation system to be? If you’re just adding an Alexa to your home to turn off the lights at night, then the process is simple enough. However, if you want to integrate various devices and systems together to automate thermostats, lighting, TV and audio, security, you’ll need a comprehensive integration system making the installation more complex, and unless it’s designed and configured to work through one solution it will be difficult to operate.

If your system is not integrated with a smart home expert, you’ll end up having a plethora of remotes and interfaces to control a number of devices which can become another issue. However, with professional installation, you can access everything with one unified remote or interface.

Property size

When conducting do-it-yourself smart installation, you are unlikely to take the property’s size into account, for example, if you have a big house with fixtures like mirror walls and radiant floor heating this could affect your wireless connectivity, thus impacting your smart home devices. Therefore, to get the best experience out of your automated home we would recommend hiring a professional smart home installer to ensure the wiring is correct and issues like this do not occur.

Home Security

If you opt to use a home automation specialist, they can do what is necessary to ensure that security is maximised, by installing systems such as Control4. Installing a system like Control4 gives you the ability to create and minimize gaps in security, as well as manage your updates. Furthermore, your system information helps to improve your experience; without the fear of your data being sold.

The level of Wi-Fi demand

Many people are unaware of their network capabilities and don’t think about the usage of installing a home automation system. Hiring a smart home professional is the best approach to guarantee that all devices function properly. There’s no point in investing time and money in a nice system if you’re constantly waiting for buffering or delays.

Software updates

If you handle all of your smart components yourself, you’ll be responsible for sorting things out when they go wrong. Software updates are necessary, alongside hardware repairs; and sometimes issues occur for no apparent reason. If you’re not up to the task of looking after all of your gadgets, or if you’re already time-strapped, having a smart home professional on hand makes it easier to monitor your system and perform maintenance when necessary.


Installation of hardware is worth thinking about, it can be a tricky process, and you have to be willing to scramble up to the roof to mount cameras or pull wires through fiddly spaces, whilst minimising the intrusion from cables and devices. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have a professional smart installer take a look helping to save you the headache of getting everything in place.

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