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San Diego Custom Dog Crate Furniture Maker Combines Style and Functionality

Many dog owners face a very real struggle: they want their dogs to feel like part of the family, but they also want to have a stylish home.

The crates that many dogs sleep in overnight, which are typically sold in pet stores and online, are often large and unsightly. They easily detract from a home’s décor, and they also take up a lot of space. Because of this, many dog owners relegate their dog crates to out-of-the-way places like a laundry room, mudroom, or even the garage.

One San Diego furniture maker has a great solution to this problem: custom dog crate furniture. Jack Ward, owner of Three Pines Wood Co. in San Diego County, designs and builds beautiful furniture pieces that double as dog crates. Every piece is custom and is designed in collaboration with the homeowner.

For smaller dogs, Ward has designed end tables with dog crates incorporated. For larger dogs, he has included dog crates as part of entertainment units, hutches, and sideboards. He has even designed pieces that can accommodate multiple dogs. Not only are the custom dog crates designed by Three Pines functional, but they are also beautiful. They complement the décor of the home, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Custom Dog Crate Furniture in Any Size or Style

Unlike the dog crates sold online or in stores, there are many options with the pieces built by Three Pines. Ward says, “Because everything we do at Three Pines is custom, there really is no limit to the type of piece we can create. We can use any type of wood, make it any size, and include whatever decorative details you want. We can even come to your San Diego home and help you design a piece based on the style of your home. If you want your dog crate furniture to match an existing piece you have, we can do that!”

A popular option for custom dog crates is a barn door-style opening that slides to open and close. However, Three Pines has also included hinged doors for some of the dog crates they’ve designed and built in the past, using sturdy hinges that hold up well over time.

Three Pines Wood Co. provides each customer with a realistic rendering of their piece before construction begins. This helps the customer feel comfortable with their purchase and allows them to make changes to the design early on in the process.

Quality Craftsmanship = Durability

More than any other type of furniture pieces, dog crates need to be especially durable. When it comes to building dog crate furniture, there’s no substitute for quality craftsmanship and materials. The team at Three Pines Wood Co. can rightfully be called “master builders.” They construct quality pieces that hold up well—even with regular use. They use high-quality hardware and solid wood products with protective finishes. They never use particle board or MDF in any of the pieces they build.

Three Pines Wood Co. offers free local delivery (within San Diego County) for all of their dog crate furniture pieces. Shipping to other parts of the United States is available for an added cost.

You can learn more about Three Pines Wood Co. in San Diego by visiting their website: https://threepineswood.com/

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