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Pool Chores That Even The Kids Can Do

Swimming pools are a great source of fun for the whole family, especially during the hot summer months. However, they also need regular maintenance to keep them clean, safe, and enjoyable. The good news is, pool upkeep isn’t just an adult task. With the right guidance and supervision, even the kids can pitch in. Here are several pool chores that can be safely performed by children.

Skimming The Surface For Debris

Tell your kids the importance of removing floating debris like leaves, delicate petals, and pesky bugs using a pool skimmer is not only an easy and safe task, but it also gives a sense of responsibility. Encouraging them to perform this simple daily routine not only helps maintain a tidy pool, but also prevents the debris from sinking and potentially causing more significant issues like clogging the pool filter or affecting water circulation. By actively involving your children in this small yet significant task, you are not only teaching them the value of cleanliness, but also fostering a sense of teamwork and pride in keeping their environment clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Testing The Water

Water testing is an absolutely crucial and indispensable part of proper pool maintenance. It ensures that the water is safe and healthy for all swimmers. One way to involve kids in this important process is by teaching them how to use pool water testing kits to check various levels such as pH, chlorine, and alkalinity. By doing so under adult supervision, this activity can not only be fun and engaging but also educational. Through hands-on experience, children can learn about the significance of maintaining proper chemical balances in the pool, promoting a deeper understanding of water quality and safety.

Cleaning Pool Toys And Tools

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness and good condition of pool toys and tools. To ensure this, kids can actively participate by washing the toys meticulously with mild soap and water, making sure to remove any dirt or debris. After cleaning, they should be dried thoroughly to prevent any mould or mildew formation. Storing the toys in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, will further contribute to their longevity. By following these steps, we can ensure that our pool toys and tools remain in excellent shape, ready for endless fun and enjoyment.

Brushing The Pool

Regularly brushing the pool is an effective way to eliminate algae and prevent the accumulation of debris. It’s worth considering involving your child in the process, provided they are of suitable age and height. They can contribute by using a pool brush to meticulously brush the sides and steps of the pool, ensuring thorough cleanliness and maintenance.

Managing Pool Towels

One of the simplest and enjoyable tasks for kids during summer is managing the pool towels. They take charge of collecting the towels from the poolside, carefully washing and drying them, and then precisely folding each one. This responsibility not only teaches them about cleanliness and organisation but also give a sense of pride in contributing to the smooth running of pool activities.

Replacing Pool Filter Cartridges

While the actual task of replacing a pool filter cartridge might be complex for younger children, they can certainly help in the process. Under adult supervision, children can assist in removing the old cartridge and setting in the new one. This activity can give them a better understanding of how the pool’s filtration system works and the importance of regular maintenance in ensuring it functions optimally.

Maintaining The Pool Area

Maintaining a clean and orderly pool deck is an important aspect of pool upkeep and is an area where children can definitely contribute. Duties could include arranging pool furniture, sweeping the deck area, ensuring that rubbish is promptly disposed of, and items left on the deck are put away. Such activities foster an understanding of the importance of cleanliness and orderliness, and can also help make pool time much safer by reducing the risk of tripping over stray items.

Assisting In Pool Cover Maintenance

If your pool has a cover, teaching children how to properly remove, fold, and store it is another task they can take part in. Pool covers help to keep debris out when the pool is not in use and can help to maintain the temperature of the water. Besides, children can also help clean and inspect the cover for any signs of wear and tear.

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When it comes to involving kids in pool chores, safety should always be the top priority. Make sure to closely supervise them and assign tasks that are suitable for their age. By fostering a collaborative approach, maintaining your pool can transform from a mundane chore into an enjoyable family activity.

Engaging children in pool maintenance not only lightens the workload, but also imparts them with valuable life skills, such as responsibility and basic knowledge of pool upkeep. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about water chemistry, equipment maintenance, and pool safety practices. By involving them in these tasks, they can develop a sense of ownership and pride in taking care of their own backyard oasis.

So, gather your pool skimmers, brushes, and testing kits, and let’s embark on this exciting journey of making pool chores a memorable family affair! Together, we can create a safe and sparkling oasis for everyone to enjoy, while instilling important life lessons and creating lasting family memories.

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