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Mark Roemer Oakland Helps You with Interior Design Decoration Tips and Tricks


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that a few interior decor tips and tricks can help you revamp your place. Mentioned below are some such helpful decor tips and tricks:

Tips and Tricks

  1. Mixing two or three prints- You don’t need to stick to a definite pattern, and you can mix two or three prints. You can use different prints in cushions and rugs, making your rooms more colorful and lively.
  1. Get some plants- Plants bring a touch of freshness to your space. You can fill the empty corners with some indoor plants; this tint of green brings positive vibes with them. Place these plants on earthen pots, cups, or anything else, depending on the look you want to create.
  1. Adding more miniature paintings- Without going for a single large painting, you can opt for miniature paintings that can be arranged in clusters. These paintings look great when placed above a sofa, and all together give a classy look to your space.
  1. Avoid packing too many elements- Your space looks great when it is spacious. So, it would be best to try not to pack too many things as it may look like chaos. Instead, you can try to keep your pieces of furniture a bit away from each other so that each of these pieces can breathe independently, making the environment of your place airy.
  1. Add memories you love- To make your space unique, you can add items you truly love; it can be something gifted by a close friend or photographs of your special memories. This trick works in showcasing your personality and puts your soul in your space.
  1. Don’t buy all accessories at once- You may be so excited to decorate your room that you end up buying all the items at once. Hurrying in the process often leads to bringing items that may not fit your decor. So, to create a unique look, you need to slow things down and try buying one accessory at a time.
  1. Get lighting right- If you want to impress your guests with your decor ideas, don’t forget to hang some attractive pendant lightings. Pendant lamps look nice, and to make the space more interesting, go for lights with extraordinary unique designs.
  1. Decorate your walls- You can decorate your walls with attractive and unique wallpapers, which can turn your walls into something artistic and make your space more attractive.
  1. Allow natural light- It is imperative to let natural light in your space lead a healthy life, and there is no substitute for sunlight. So, while decorating your space, especially while choosing paint colors, you must check that your rooms are receiving enough light.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that apart from the tips and tricks mentioned above, several other factors can help you create the space of your dreams. However, while you start decorating, keep in mind that this is a never-ending process, and you can always change your room’s style with your mood.

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