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If you are looking to build a log home, you will encounter two options: a log home kit or a custom build. Both architectural styles produce stylish and elegant properties, although there are differences in the time, design, and budget required for each.

Many homeowners prefer log home kits because they make it possible to choose from a wide range of redesigned rooms and styles for your home. The builders then deliver them to your home in preassembled parts that you can quickly assemble yourself or with a local builder.

On the other hand, you and the builder design a custom build entirely from scratch, giving you a lot of freedom with every detail. That means the builder selects and cuts all the building materials specifically for your home, and it is a good option if you want a hands-on approach and design flexibility when building your log home.

Let’s look at the differences between log home kits and custom builds.

The building time

The main reason why many people prefer log home kits is that they are fast and easy to design. You only need to review the various styles available and choose one that suits your style best. The builder preassembles the kit before delivery cutting down the time it takes to cut and assemble the pieces on site. Generally, you can complete building a log home within a week with a log home kit.

However, a custom build requires more time to envision and have the architect approve your home design before the builder begins the creation work. The builder must also custom cut the logs and other materials and assemble them before shipping them over. It takes longer but gives you more flexibility with your log home design.

Personalization options

Log home kits give you a wide range of styles to pick from, including the open kitchen concepts and vaulted ceilings. But you may need more time to determine the best style to suit your needs. Generally, unless you have a specific vision of your log home in mind, you will quickly find a log home style that suits your lifestyle, and there are more options for personalizing the style.

With custom builds, the design is entirely up to you to envision and create, allowing you to build your dream home. With the designer, you can select every element of your log home materials and design it exactly how you want. Your only limitations are building codes and our budget.

The construction

When you choose to go with a log home kit, it will be assembled at the log yard before delivery. It comes preassembled, so you only need to connect and join the parts to complete your log home. This is easier, especially if you are a DIY person.

With a custom build, the builders cut and assemble the raw materials in the log yard to ensure the design is perfect. Then they take it down and ship the materials over for assembling on-site or where you want to build your log home.

The final verdict

Your choice depends on the time, budget, and personalization you are looking for.

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