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How to create a prayer and meditation corner at home?

As a practicing believer or follower of meditation, do you want to create a space dedicated to meditation in your home? A sacred and personal place conducive to the daily practice of prayer or meditation? Discover our tips for creating a true haven of peace in your home.

3 tips for setting up a prayer and meditation corner in the house or apartment.

In a hectic daily life, prayer and meditation allow you to clear your mind and take advantage of a very precious calm time in order to regain your inner balance and, in the case of a religious practice, to be in phase with his core beliefs. Do you want to take the step of creating a space in your home dedicated to prayer or meditation? We give you some tips!

1. Choose a quiet location

This space must, above all, be completely calm to allow you to find yourself with yourself and refocus on your practice, without the risk of being interrupted. It is therefore necessary to favor an isolated and non-noisy place where you can express yourself without brakes, therefore, if possible, far from places of passage.

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of space in your house, you can devote an entire room to your need for meditation. For smaller homes, a nook in your bedroom will do just fine.

Meditation is known to have multiple benefits: better management of stress and anxiety, greater attention span, memory work, strengthening of the immune system,…

2. Have the necessary objects for your practice available

If meditation usually requires few elements to accompany it, this is not the case for prayer. Thus, think ahead about the objects, accessories or religious books that are essential to you for this moment and store them preciously in the immediate vicinity of the place of your rituals or in a dedicated piece of furniture integrated into your space.

You need more space ? A wall shelf can also be suitable if you need few items with you.

3. Make this personal place your own

It is a space of intimacy that belongs only to you and that you will certainly visit quite frequently. It is therefore important to feel good there and to arrange it in your image so that each of your visits is synonymous with joy.

As for furniture and accessories, bet on comfort and sobriety, and for decoration, choose representative and soothing objects, images or photographs, in accordance with your practices and your beliefs. So you can imagine painting the walls in a soft or neutral color and consider dim lighting.

In summary, there is no need for a large space to set up your spiritual cocoon, which must above all be in a calm location conducive to concentration. Regardless of its layout or size, the main thing is, above all, that you feel good there and that it makes you want to gather there at your own pace, with pleasure.

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