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Handy Provides You with A Guide to Identifying Quality Furniture for Your Home


According to Handy, good-quality furniture is a long-term investment that elevates the decor of your entire home and also offers incredible functionality. Thus, it’s crucial to consider many factors that would allow you to get the best value for your money when choosing new furniture for your home. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to differentiate between good quality and cheap quality furniture once you learn what to look for when shopping.

The Guide

Here are a few things to consider for choosing quality furniture for your home:

  1. Check the quality and type of wood – Hardwood derived from trees such as mahogany, teak, oak, maple, and more are much more durable than softwood derived from trees such as pine. However, hardwood is costlier than softwood.

You also have to inspect the quality of the wood. For instance, most furniture is either made of solid wood, plywood, or veneer. Typically, solid hardwood is the best option since it has the highest density and is the most durable.

If you opt to go with plywood, ensure that it is made up of at least 9 layers to confirm the durability. Finally, always choose thin veneers that are not made up of timber or sawdust composite since the thick ones separate and peel away quite easily.

  1. Inspect the construct quality – Apart from the quality of the materials, it’s also important to check the construction quality of a furniture piece. For instance, office chairs for homes must come with high-quality triangular or diagonal woodblocks to provide stability. Sofa sets should be equipped with high-quality springs that provide sufficient resistance when pushed.

Cabinets and drawers should glide open and close easily and come with tight hinges. There should not be any rough edges or signs of rust. The furniture should not rock or wobble and must be aligned properly. Finally, you should check the weight of the furniture. Generally, high-quality furniture is heavier while furniture constructed with low-quality materials is lighter.

  1. Observe the finishing and design – High-quality furniture is a marvel to look at due to its exquisite craftsmanship and design. Thus, when choosing a new piece of furniture, observe how it makes you feel and inspect the surface for any signs of scratches and marks. The surface of the furniture should be free of any marks, scratches, blemishes, or other unsightly elements.

The fabric and cushions should be made with natural products such as cotton blend, linen, wool, or leather since they are resistant to soiling, fading, or wrinkling. Plus, they are easier to wash than synthetic fabric such as nylon or acrylic.

  1. Consider the warranty – Finally, consider the warranty of the furniture pieces. Most high-quality furniture comes with extended warranties of up to 5 years which is a sign of excellent product quality and craftsmanship.


Handy suggests you only purchase furniture from reputed stores or shops that are known for selling high-quality products and offering excellent customer service. Ensure you browse through their catalog and check the reviews and ratings on each individual product model to make the best choice.

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