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Creating a Garden That’s Perfect for Summer

It’s summertime and that means one thing—we can enjoy our gardens again! From hosting barbecues to simply sunbathing, our private outdoor spaces can offer a range of possibilities. But first things first: is your garden ready for it?

Here, we’ll look at how you can easily create a garden that’s perfect for summer in just a few simple steps.

Create a social space

If you want to invite friends around or just want a nice place to sit outside with the family for meals in the sun, you should think about creating a nice dining area. To start, try to section this off from the rest of the area either by simply placing plant pots neatly around the outskirts or by putting down decking or a stone patio.

Invest in attractive quality furniture, such as corner dining sets, to ensure everyone will be comfortable. Also, don’t forget lighting so you can keep enjoying your garden after sunset.  For something quick and easy, opt for battery-powered outdoor fairy lights. If you want something more powerful, try spotlights. Make sure you get them installed by a professional electrician, though.

Make some shade

Spending all day in the sun might not be ideal for everyone, especially your pets. So, ensure you can offer plenty of cool spaces to make your garden perfect for summer. If you have a large tree, place a bench or set of table and chairs under this shady area. Putting a fountain or small water feature near your patio can also create a cooling evaporation effect. Plus, who doesn’t love the soothing sound of moving water?

Then, of course, you can always install something like a pergola, gazebo or retractable canopy to cast cooling shade during the hottest summer days.

Add a splash of colour

There’s nothing quite like stepping into a garden that’s filled with bright, beautiful flowers. So, if yours is lacking in that area, you might want to consider heading to the garden centre soon!

Placing a range of colourful flowers around the outskirts of your garden and in any social spaces can easily create a summer vibe. Although the choice is up to you, flowers like the iris, rose, orchid, dahlia, delphinium, and foxglove are great options if you want lots of different colours.

Think storage

A neat and tidy garden is the simplest but most effective way to ensure it’s summer-ready. From small storage boxes to larger sheds, there are many options to keep toys, tools, and other garden objects out of sight for the perfect summer garden.

Make a bee-autiful home

If you want to do your bit for local wildlife and the environment when sprucing up your garden for summer, how about creating a bee home? This is easily done using recycled wood. All you need is a wooden box (about 20cm deep and open on one side) that has a sloping roof to drain any rainfall. Make sure it’s fixed securely to a fence or wall that gets plenty of sun. Then, drill small holes into several blocks of wood and place them inside to create a nest. Not only will you be helping the local bee population, but they in turn will help keep your garden pollinated and looking fantastic.

Good luck creating the perfect garden for summer!

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