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Continue Worry-Free Farming, Gardening and Growing with a Deer Fence

A good deer fence can help keep wild animals like deer, and other critters, at bay. After a long day of work and a tough harvest, it’s comforting to know you’ll avoid splattered gardens, or the kinds of wildlife that chew on your crops. In fact, deer fencing will help keep deer, and other critters, at bay, enabling you to carry on with worry free growing, farming and gardening.

There’s a Lot at Stake

Most people might think that “sharing” a few fruits with surrounding wildlife is easy. For those who support them, however, there’s a lot more at stake when these items are being provided.

Deer affect many things, like traffic and road safety. We take your property’s investment very seriously. Deer fencing is not just about protecting your ambiance – it also helps deter deer from entering on your property and damaging the grass, as well as making the area safer for walking.

– Trees are susceptible to damage by animals, sometimes causing the trees to be unrecoverable

– Not all seeds can grow in one season like a lot of people think. Seeds may not sprout or produce any growth while they’re being trampled, or they won’t produce results before the next season – or possibly even longer into the future.

-When a deer wreaks havoc on your plants, they may actually damage adjacent plants that they have never damaged before.

Deer fences can help protect your investment by preventing lasting damage or damage that takes plenty of effort and time to fix.

Doing it Right

Deer are an amazing animal, and the best fences for deer proofing can be pricey. That’s why our fence design is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is based on the idea of outsmarting the animals, so they feel safe when they cannot see predators. The solution to deer-proofing your property functions like a “No Trespassing” sign without destroying your view at the same time.

While barbed wire fencing or electric fencing may be argued to be beneficial in some cases, it can sometimes result in severe pain and suffering for animals. You might want to think about implementing other conventional livestock practices before relying on these interventions.

Not all fencing is created equal, and when you’re looking for a solution to your fence’s issue, make sure to consider the rates and the effectiveness of each one. Although deer won’t care about barbed wire or chicken wire, if it can chew through them easily, there will be other animals that can too. In some cases, a small hole sized enough for a rabbit is enough for larger animals to enter.

There are a number of more humane, and less harmful fencing options available. From plastic fences to ultra-fine meshing for your property that is invisible, there’s a range of options to choose from.

If you love to DIY, fencing kits can be a fun and practical tool! Certain kits come with everything you need – just attach the steel hex web deer kit to provide a beautifully invisible fence, extend an existing fence where necessary, or combine different kits for the perfect fit.

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