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Best Places to Buy Landscape Lighting


You’ve built an amazing garden and your yard has been decorated with exquisite plants and hardscape features. You even have a fountain that doubles as a watering hole for local birds. However, without landscape lighting, all of these features become mute after dark. You can make additional improvements to your landscape by searching for “landscape companies near me” and hiring professionals for the job. For now, let’s check out the best places to buy landscape lighting:

The Locations

  1. Wayfair – Wayfair always has affordable prices to attract eager homeowners. Moreover, they always find an excuse to throw a sale and bring the prices further down. They have all kinds of landscape lighting at their disposal. Everything from stake lights to highlighting lamps. When you open their website keep an eye on the upcoming sales page and budget accordingly. You can also sign up for their notifications so that you’re notified about sales through email and other mediums.
  1. Etsy – Everyone knows Etsy. It’s a fantastic creator market that has all sorts of goodies for you. The best thing about Etsy is the vast number of custom and handmade artisan lights you can buy for your landscape. You can get anything from a factory-manufactured set of outdoor solar lights to handcrafted 3D wooden animals that light up and become the highlight of your garden.

You can also buy specialty lights that mimic fruits and elements of nature. For instance, you can buy outdoor lights that look like mushrooms or hanging fruit lights that are made from spiraling LED strips. Some of the products are literal pieces of art and you’ll find yourself scrolling endlessly appreciating the art before you can buy some of them for your landscape.

  1. Design Within Reach – If you’ve heard of this online store, you know it isn’t cheap. The website sells some of the most coveted designer lightings you can get on the market. Prices start from hundreds of dollars and can easily reach the thousands.

Here you pay for a few designer lights that are made in limited quantities and may not be available on the market any time soon. While they are functional, you mainly pay for exclusivity and aesthetic appeal. The designs can be simple and minimal like the IC Outdoor Floor Lamp or be a carefully crafted wall scone made of brushed copper by Danish designers Alfred Homann and Ole V.Kjaer.

  1. Schoolhouse – Here’s another luxury store that has luxurious products like DWR. Similar to DWR, the prices are steep. However, if money wasn’t an issue, you’d want to buy their whole store. There’s no product that has been made without careful design and planning. While the products look top-notch, they aren’t designer items.

Instead, the prices are high since all components and materials are ethically sourced and made at the Oregon-based company’s Portland factory. If you want your landscape lighting to be Made in the USA, Schoolhouse is a great place to start.

  1. Restoration Hardware – If you’ve ever visited a Restoration Hardware store, you know they don’t pull their punches. The luxury brand has meticulously arranged rooms that look like they are designed for the rich and famous. Their New York flagship store is on a whole other level. Six stories are designed to suck away all your earnings with furniture and lighting. Their online store takes it up a notch and overwhelms you with sheer volume.

While their metal and ceramic outdoor lighting look great, they excel at creating things with glass. You’ll be impressed by the Rutherford pendant and would want to have it as a landscape light to illuminate a section of your yard. However, you’ll be mesmerized as soon as you look at their rain, pearl, or Savile grand scone that can light up the walls on the outside or a section of the hardscape.

  1. YLighting – YLighting is one of the best furniture and lighting stores since it doesn’t just offer great products by room, but also presents products by ideas. You can see how different products will look in a room and how they all come together to tell a story. While there’s no such section for landscape lighting ideas yet, there are plenty of great products.

You’ll mostly find practical and industrial-styled landscape lighting made of metal and glass. Moreover, the prices aren’t absurd. You won’t end up paying thousands of dollars for a scone. While the prices aren’t Walmart or Amazon cheap, they are priced just right so that you can own some of their stellar-looking products for your property.

  1. Home Depot – You can never go wrong with Home Depot while buying anything. Whether it’s a tabletop for your work desk or landscape lighting. They have a vast collection, free shipping, and every product offers high value for every dollar you spend.

You can get a large set of outdoor LED lanterns or stake lights to light up your pathway while spending less than three figures. However, it’s difficult to find designer items and exquisite lights even when you’re willing to pay above and beyond.

  1. Amazon – Everyone knows Amazon and similar to other things, you’ll never run out of options when you search for landscape lighting at this website. You can find products that are pricked anywhere from dirt-cheap to “10 years of debt”. If you can use the sorting feature and filters efficiently, you can always find the dream product at the right price. However, you’ll need to spend a lot of time.

There are brands like Rivet, Beam, and Ravenna that specialize in lights and do a great job at making some of the best landscape lighting. On the other hand, there’s Amazon Basics that sells landscape lights perfect for utilitarian use.


From Wayfair and Design Within Reach to Home Depot and Amazon, you have a multitude of options for buying landscape lighting to enhance your property after dark. To make further improvements to your landscape, you can search for “landscape companies near me” and hire pros to get the job done.

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