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Are Solar Panels Right for My Home?

The demand for solar energy has been on the rise since the year 2008, hundreds of solar panels are installed each day in homes across the United States of America. Solar installation companies have been in the forefront to enable their customers to harness or generate inexpensive energy from the sun.  And as the adoption for use of renewable energy gains significant growth, you might be wondering: Are solar panels right for your home?  Here are some key questions to help you figure out whether solar panels are right for your home. Let’s get started.

How much do you spend on electricity?

The usage of electricity in your home is the first step in evaluating whether you should consider installing solar energy. This is because the more electricity you use the more you pay for it. In addition, there are high electricity rates in certain states whereas in some the rates are low. Regardless of whether your electricity rates are high or low, most homeowners have regarded electricity bills as a dreaded monthly expense. Therefore, by opting to go solar you get to save a significant amount of money. Based on your goals and needs, San Diego solar companies will offer you transparent and honest advice on solar panels and installation.

Is your roof fit for solar?

Some of the factors that influence whether your home is suitable for solar include: material, age, space, orientation, shading and tilt.

How old is your roof?

Your roof should be in good condition to hold solar panels for three decades. Otherwise, you should consider replacing if it’s near the end of its lifetime before installing solar panels.

What material is your roof made of?

It should be made of strong and durable materials such as asphalt shingle, standing seam metal, concrete tile, and composite. For those with wood and stall roofs, it can be a difficult process to install solar panels due to the brittle nature of these materials.

 What direction does your roof face?

When it comes to the direction or orientation of your roof, you should ensure that solar panels face the direction with the most exposure to sunlight. This is because its orientation influences the amount of electricity your solar panel system will produce.

 Does your roof experience lots of shading?

Shading of leaves might be a challenge when installing solar panels. Therefore, you should consider trimming or removing trees around your roof to ensure you benefit from the solar panel system.

How is the climate in your local area?

Solar energy can be generated regardless of the climatic conditions in your area; however, you can use solar suitability checker tools which give an insight into how climatic conditions could affect solar energy in your house. In addition, you can use a solar constant which estimates the amount of energy your solar system can produce. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the durability rating of the panels you intend to purchase for your home.

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