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Applications Of Stahlin Enclosures

These enclosures are found to have numerous applications due to their various properties. Most of the conventional enclosures are found to be of metallic material. Since Stahlin enclosures are made from fiberglass, they tend to have a couple of favorable features; the reasons for its many applications. Among the features include anti-corrosion abilities and also insulation capabilities. Below are some of the applications of Stahlin enclosures. They include:

Renewable Energy Applications  

Non-metallic enclosures have adopted a crucial role in the renewable energy industry, especially in solar panels, implemented successfully in large-scale projects worldwide. These solar panels from such materials can withstand harsh conditions, such as when they get exposed to direct sunlight.

Waste Water Treatment  

These enclosures are highly recommended for wastewater treatment plants due to their corrosion resistance abilities. The Stahlin enclosures are made of fiberglass, inert with most of the chemicals used there.

Due to this feature, the material does not react to the abundance in moisture to form rust; additionally, it does not react with the chemicals used. Since these chemicals have to get protected from the sun’s UV rays, the fiberglass enclosures do so just right.

Some of the components in the wastewater treatment plants that employ Stahlin enclosures include instrumentation, monitoring, pump control, and treatment systems. The material is also used in protecting critical instruments and electrical instruments from contact with water.

Agricultural Purposes.  

These enclosures have been employed to develop most greenhouse watering systems for a long time. Its primary use is in the irrigation sector, where they get used for pumping water throughout the farms. Since the fiberglass Stahlin non-metallic enclosures do not rust, they get to serve their purpose durably.

Fiberglass enclosures have also gotten used in developing computerized greenhouse environments. It is because of the material’s insulation properties that it successfully adapts to its use. Additionally, its affordability allows for its largescale use.

Lighting Controls  

Companies use these non-metallic enclosures for their small lighting control units. It is mainly contributed by the ability of these enclosures to withstand harsh environments. It protects its components from snot, rain, extreme cold, intense heat and even high winds. They are a cheap solution to major problems in the lighting industry.

Telecommunication Devices  

The fiberglass material allows for undisrupted transmission of wireless signals in an area unlike conventional metallic enclosures, which require external antennae for signal transmission and reception. They were prone to damage, hence compromising the device’s functionality. It poses a safety risk and creates network disruptions.

Additionally, Stahlin enclosures get highly recommended for their pleasing aesthetic designs, which enhance the visual appearance of the device. Withstanding harsh conditions make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. These enclosures are also rugged enough to reduce the risk of vandalizing, protecting all enclosed controls.

Carwash Systems  

An automated carwash system exposes the electrical components to a humid environment. It can cause failures in the system. The enclosure has waterproof capabilities that can protect the system from moisture to enhance its functionality.

Additionally, fiberglass is highly chemical resistant; this makes it possible to withstand the chlorine and fluorine used in cleaning vehicles. Also, these components are well machinable and easy to modify, making them effective for component protection from harmful conditions. These components are also highly cost-effective, a factor that makes them widely used in large-scale applications.

Manufacture Of Electrical Equipment  

Electrical equipment highly employs the use of Stahlin enclosures vastly. It is a great solution for outdoor devices, which should get sheltered from moisture, rainfall, and other unfavorable conditions. They are especially preferred for outdoor audio devices due to their tough and durable nature. It can also have smooth rounded edges with overall pleasing aesthetics and modern styling.

The material’s machinability allows for holes to get drilled to allow wires and cables to pass through it. It is crucial to note that machining does not alter the structure’s integrity. Its lightweight plus waterproof feature makes it ideal for this function.

Oil And Gas Production  

Here, the gas detection and monitoring systems use the Stahlin enclosures over others for their materials are favorable for use in the lowest temperatures. The enclosures made from fiberglass do not crack around their lid and base or any other holes drilled around the enclosures. It is also realized that enclosures made from fiberglass are highly impact resistant.

Additionally, these enclosures get availed in different sizes to adopt a variety of functions. Despite the enclosures being cheap, they are also proven to be reliable. Their chemical resistance ability makes it suitable for use in such productions. Extreme weather conditions do not also threaten the components enclosed in these devices.

Mining Sectors  

The mining sector involves heavy machines and other impact-intensive activities. Essential systems controls and telecommunication systems get protected using the Stahlin enclosures to avoid damage or failure of the equipment. Since blasts get used at times in the mines, rock fragments can damage equipment whenever they collide.

Networking devices also get housed in these structures. Due to their tolerance of wireless networks, its use is widely adopted. Power distribution also employs these enclosures due to their outstanding features.

Its corrosion resistance ability with the different chemicals in the mines also makes it a suitable material for use in such harsh environments. Components made from fiberglass are easily modified hence their widespread use.


The marine environment is a highly saline one. Metallic enclosures would only serve for long enough before they get corroded. The high salinity levels in the water make it favorable for the use of Stahlin enclosures due to their anti-corrosion ability. It has led to its adaptation in developing different marine pieces of equipment, especially those that come to contact with the highly saline seawater.

These enclosures can get used to protect electrical components from moisture. It is necessary to use waterproof materials to enhance the integrity of these systems. Due to the material’s high strength can withstand impact from waves and other factors that would have otherwise damaged the components.

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