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7 Clever Tricks to Hide Your Kitchen Appliances Or Marry them With the Overall Kitchen Design

A functional kitchen needs a refrigerator, stovetop, oven, coffee machine, microwave, and other standard appliances. However, as much as you need these appliances, you don’t need them all operating at the time.

Interior designers have a few clever tricks up their sleeves to keep these appliances hidden in the background when not in use. You get extra counter space, room to add some aesthetic elements, and better design flow. Most importantly, you get to have every appliance that makes your life easier without cluttering your lovely kitchen.

Here are the top 7 tricks interior designers use to hide appliances in plain sight in the kitchen.

Separate Appliance Cabinets

Create separate cabinets for each of your appliances. So obvious when you think about it, no?

But it’s not so simple. These are not just cabinets. Install electrical sockets into each of them. Also, you can add a lift-up door or a regular swinging door for these cabinets to suit your convenience.

Build baskets within cabinets if you only need space for storing small appliances. Whenever you need a small appliance like a toaster or a blender, you can pull it out, use it, clean it, and send it back to its storage basket.

Put Your Island to Use

If you are blessed with a big kitchen that can house an island, you have plenty of space to conceal your appliances. The front of your island can be used as a prep area, while the side facing your kitchen counters can be used to create space for storing appliances.

The location of appliances should be based on how your work in the kitchen. If you plan well, you can get a kitchen island custom-built with this in mind. You can then get the necessary electrical sockets for your microwaves, toasters, and other appliances.

If you want to use your existing island, it’s best to design storage places for smaller appliances that you can pull out for use and put away when you are done.

Showcase Your Appliances in Cubbies

If you don’t want to conceal your appliances but only have a designated place for them to make organization easier, then cubbies are the way to go.

There are many benefits of opting for cubbies’ storage:

  1. “No doors” means easy access to your appliances, especially the frequently used gadgets like toasters, blenders, microwaves, and more.
  2. The geometric pattern of the cubbies breaks up the monotony of the kitchen design. The open-shelving offers an interesting contrast to an otherwise single-tone design.

When you embrace an open-kitchen concept, cubbies are your friend. They help you retain the aesthetic of the kitchen design while creating more storage for your appliances.

Ovens are Different

Ovens cannot be tucked away behind a cabinet or a glass shelf, so how do you conceal them?

Remember that our goal is to make the kitchen look uncluttered so that there’s no obstruction to the design flow. While you cannot push ovens behind a door – not easily anyway – you can blend them into the design décor without breaking its flow.

Stay away from a range that will be conspicuously visible. Instead, opt for a hob and a separate oven that can fit inside a cabinet. Even if you make changes to the cabinetry, you will still have a seamless kitchen. Make space for the oven at waist height for convenient access.

Extending Kitchen Storage

Here’s a not-so-crazy idea: not all kitchen appliances need to be in the kitchen!

There is at least one major kitchen appliance you can store outside the kitchen without much hassle: the refrigerator. This is a brilliant move if you have a small kitchen.

You don’t need a kitchen cupboard to fit your refrigerator; you can create a space outside the kitchen to store your refrigerator. If you wish to conceal the refrigerator, you can do it by housing it in a cupboard that syncs with the rest of the furniture in your house. So, the storage will not draw much attention and will look like another piece of furniture in the house.

You can go one step further and invest in this storage design to create an interesting piece. An interior designer can help you bounce off your ideas and design something unique. So, not only will the cupboard serve as refrigerator storage but also become an interesting conversation piece.


Save Space With Sliding Doors

This is probably the easiest and most economical way to organize and hide your kitchen appliances. You can hide your kitchen appliances in plain sight by simply using a sliding door.

All you have to do is to install a barn-door track on the top of the storage and then fit a sliding door on it. As soon as you close the door, your appliances disappear.

Interior designers often recommend sliding doors for small kitchens. After all, you get a clean look without accommodating extra space for the door to open.

How About a Pantry for Your Appliances?

If you are a professional chef or enjoy cooking a lot, you must have more appliances than a regular Joe. With more appliances to conceal, you need more space. You cannot find a cubby hole for each appliance.

Given your passion for the culinary arts, you might want to invest more in making your kitchen look good. After all, you must have invested in every appliance, from a rice cooker to an oven to an air fryer. Now, it’s time to invest in the longevity of these appliances by providing them with proper storage.

While a tad more expensive than other storage options, a pantry for your many appliances will do you a lot of good. A pantry for your appliances is a great way to manifest your passion for cooking.

Your Kitchen Design Secret

With a little imagination and maybe some help from a professional interior designer, you can turn any kitchen space – big or small – into innovative appliance storage. It helps eliminate counter clutter, ties together your kitchen design and invites an air of zen to your space.

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