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6 factors that will affect property value

Investments are the most popular way of saving up for the future. Anybody would love the idea of having a growing passive income on a monthly or annually. One such stable form of income is investing in a residential property in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the UK. Investing in a property in the UK has always proven to be a fruitful venture where buyers from abroad have always been merrier with the results. Determining the value of a property beyond just the price tag that hangs around it is necessary, which can be done by considering the following:


Businesses are forever evolving and diminishing in the country, and it is also impossible to determine how the property curves might go up or down at any point in time. The employability factors of the people in the locality would decide the value of a property. This factor will influence the demand for properties across the borough of the UK. With this increasing demand, the property value can go higher or lower occasionally. Observing these prices often and buying or selling at the best time would be profitable for people when investing or selling their London properties.


Most people approach banks and local lenders in the UK to apply for a mortgage loan when purchasing a house. When people pay their interest for mortgages monthly, they make sure it is affordable. When their entire finances lie on mortgages, nobody would expect the interest rates to hit the roof. This will have a significant impact on the overall demand in the country, leaving the homes for sale in a stagnant sea of properties. Based on these rates, sellers would increase or decrease the price of the property at the time of selling the house.


The properties in the UK are usually pricey and remain on the higher end in many boroughs and towns. Popular and the in-demand locations in the UK like London, Winchester, Battersea, Clapham, Marylebone, Oxford, Cambridge etc., have higher property values, where investors from all over the world can be seen bidding and get the best property. The rental values also differ from one neighbourhood to the other based on the type, size

and location of the house. Overseas investors can benefit from this price difference when they let the place and earn a steady passive income.


People’s preferences are changing with time. Those who wished to live in central London in an apartment now prefer to move away from the bustle towards the countryside. Many are seen upsizing their homes and want an outdoor space like a patio or a backyard along with it. The jumping preferences in the market lead to instability, and this would eventually affect the property value of then-popular types and locations. People are usually not aware of the hidden insights into the property market and would require the assistance of Knightsbridge estate agents to make the right choices.


The value of an area and property depends directly on what is situated in the vicinity. This is an influential and a deciding factor which might add or take away the overall value of a property with time. Major social projects that are developing there could cause a massive change, and a spike in the neighbourhood’s value is an ideal place of investment that could give higher ROI in the long term. Similarly, malls, restaurants and other frequently visited places tend to bring down the total value of the property and could cause a fiasco for an investor.


Living in a massive place like the UK always comes with its fair share of perks and drawbacks. Modes of commute have been a primary concern for people who travel every day to their workplace, schools or other important places. Over the last few years, underground tube stations, and rail networks have garnered immense popularity among the residents of the UK where they can now travel to any part of the UK, Europe and Central London within a few minutes. Easy access to these transport modes will only increase the overall value of the property.

Before stepping into this enormous maze of property business, one should have a thorough knowledge of the nuances and the possible outcomes. Investors can face several uphill and downfalls throughout owning a buy to let property. However, they must have the courage and confidence to handle this responsibility in the long term.

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