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5 Types of Professional Drain Cleaning That Will Leave Your Home Clean

A clean home requires professional drain cleaning services at least once every few months. If you try to do it yourself, you can run into all sorts of problems that can make your home even messier than before! There are many different types of professional drain cleaning services and techniques. Hence, it’s crucial to discuss your specific situation and needs with your professional plumber.

1.   Drainage CCTV Survey

A CCTV survey helps identify clogs and leaks in your sewer line. A small camera is inserted into your line, letting plumbers know what’s causing those pesky clogs. After assessing the cause of the blockage, it allows them to go back in with new equipment, often a jet snake, to clear out blockages. They may use a drain cleaner instead.

Plumbing experts suggest that only professional drainage technicians, like priority drain and sewer, should perform these advanced techniques because they can be challenging to do correctly. To avoid additional damage caused by drain cleaning errors, professionals will often complete a CCTV survey before attempting any work on your pipes.

2.   Mechanical Drain Cleaning Method

Mechanical drain cleaning is, by far, the most common and straightforward form of getting rid of a clog. Most professional plumbers will need to be more careful with this method since there’s an increased risk that you could do more damage to your pipes than good if something goes wrong. If you decide to go with mechanical drain cleaning anyway, hire a professional company that has a good track record.

However, make sure to avoid products that contain caustic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid, as these may cause permanent damage to your plumbing system. Acidic is even worse—never use them on your drains!

3.   Cable Auger Method

The cable auger technique involves using a particular machine that snakes its way through a pipe to break up and remove blockages. One caveat: It can cause damage to your pipes if not used correctly. Be sure to hire a certified professional and has experience in cable auger use.

When used on tough clogs, the cable auger will cut through dirty drain lines and pull out debris, preventing water from flowing through the pipes. Professional plumbers may use other methods first because this drain cleaning method can do more harm than good for your pipes and plumbing if not used properly.

However, a cable auger machine is safe and less time-consuming because plumbing professionals can disassemble for easy transportation, and it’s flexible enough to go through the narrowest holes.

4.   Hydro Jetting

The hydro jetting method is slightly more expensive. The technique requires professional handling and is valid either at a residence, commercial location, or plumbing shop to unclog drains, sinks, toilets, and other pipes lines.

Hydro jetting is a procedure where high-pressure water and biodegradable drain cleaners are sent through the drainage system to clear clogs, roots, and other blockages. The hydro jetting technique applies to sinks, tubs, toilets, floor drains, and other drains leading to the main sewer.

The high water pressure, combined with a special hose, enables a technician to clear out any blockages within your drainage system. If you are experiencing problems with slow or backed-up drains, your plumber may highly recommend hydro jetting.

5.   Chemical Drain Cleaning Method

Chemical drain cleaning is more effective in stopping the drains and sewer lines from clogging up. This type of drain line cleaning has been on top for years now. The chemical usually comprises two substances, strong acid, and salt. In most cases, these two substances combine to create a powerful chemical solution that does wonders when clearing drains and sewer lines. However, they can damage your pipes if you don’t follow directions carefully.

Only qualified professionals should use the chemical method. These chemicals usually contain lye or sodium hydroxide; powerful alkaline household cleaners help cut grease and oils. Hence it’s crucial not to try this method on your but contact a professional plumber to assess the situation of your plumbing lines.

6.   Drain Cleaning Using Boring Machine

A boring machine is just that—it works to bore into drains and clear blockages. When using a boring machine, it’s common to use compressed air or water pressure to increase efficiency. This tool is often used as a last resort because it can take several hours and cause damage if not handled correctly. However, boring machines require expensive set-up fees and ongoing operating costs and require only qualified and experienced professional plumbers to run this method.


Because your drains perform an essential function in your home, you’ll want to keep them clean and flowing as freely as possible. Professional drain cleaning is generally more effective than do-it-yourself techniques. It ensures that a professional has done all they can to ensure that drains are free from unnecessary buildup and other problems. You can also contact Kurt Bohmer Plumbing Inc. for your plumbing services and needs.

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