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5 Tips for Effective Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s coffee stains on a bright-colored carpet, crayon markings from mischievous youngsters, or just a build-up of regular dust and filth, all carpets need some regular attention. The effort required to move around furniture deters many homeowners from cleaning their carpets, but carpet maintenance does not have to be tough. The carpet cleaning Bel Air company gives simple cleaning recommendations that can keep your carpets looking beautiful for years!

1.     Using a Squeegee, remove pet hair.

Pet hair is renowned for being tough to remove with a vacuum cleaner alone. Lint rollers may also be ineffective on a large area, and certain dogs’ shedding may be excessive. If your carpet has short fibers, the trusty squeegee will suffice. Although the squeegee is meant for windows, its design is intended to remove muck and other things that build thin layers and attach to a surface, much like pet fur on a carpet.

2.     Use ice to remove chewing gum

If you have children, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with chewing gum that got trapped in the carpet or on the furniture. Remove it by placing a couple of ice cubes on the chewing gum and leaving it there for one minute. Gum freezes quickly, and you should be able to cut it out of the carpeting with a knife.

3.     Stains Caused by Iron Wax

We all like using scented candles to provide the home with a pleasant smell. Accidents sometimes happen, resulting in a drop of wax on the rug. Melting the wax is the most effective approach to remove the stain. Place old linen on the stain and use an iron to melt the wax. Soak the melted product with a clean towel. Repeat these steps as needed to remove as much candle wax. Simply ensure that the iron is adjusted to the lowest temperature possible and that it does not linger on the rug for more than 20 seconds.

4.     Use baking soda to remove oil stains

Oil has to be the most difficult stain to remove from carpets, and you can’t always treat stains with hot water and detergent. Baking soda may save your carpet by extracting oils from carpets in a unique manner. Apply generously to the stained area and let it until it absorbs the stain and forms a dry crust that may be successfully vacuumed.

5.    Schedule professional carpet cleaning regularly

In the event that your carpets are often walked on, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service once every year or once every six months if you have dogs. If you are the only one living in your home, once every two years should be plenty. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes in the atmosphere of your home.

The last word

If you take care of your carpets and follow these cleaning techniques, your floors will look fantastic for a long time. However, we must emphasize that they are not a replacement for professional carpet cleaning, and some carpet stains may need the use of specialized machinery and cleaning solutions.

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