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5 Reasons Why St Albans is a better place to live

Migrating to neighbouring boroughs has been the current trend for the residents of the UK for numerous reasons. One of them is upsizing their homes to lead a comfortable lifestyle. Families can be seen moving into St Albans frequently for all the right reasons. St Albans is a sought-after neighbourhood located at the heart of Hertfordshire. Being too close to London yet away from the bustling blocks of the capital. With the demand overshadowing the supply of homes in the UK, residents could face slight difficulties at the time of house hunting. However, St Albans house for sale could be found by the means of local estate agents in the neighbourhood. Over the last two years, several people were seen moving to the countryside as they follow work from anywhere or hybrid work culture and required a dedicated working space within their homes. St Albans is a better option for a new residence for the following reasons:


Any resident’s main factor before buying a house in the UK would be the location. Some of them would prefer to live in the busy streets of central regions of London and other adjacent boroughs. While some are moving away from the bustle towards the countryside to enjoy the quiet lifestyle. St Albans is one enviable city that is twenty minutes away from the London suburb. Being bridged between the countryside and the city, it is the perfect place for residents who love commuting to either side to live here. This city holds one of Britain’s oldest histories and heritage that adds a unique charm to the neighbourhoods. St Albans never fails to bag a position among the top ten places in the UK every year.


Most boroughs in the UK can be seen with a particular type of crowd that resides and settles there. However, people across different age groups can be seen wandering around St Albans for the best accommodations available here. Getting a house in the streets here has been even easier with the help of St Albans estate agents. The thriving community of St Albans is filled with working-class people and students while families are more in number. Independent boutiques, tall standing shops, and vintage markets are the highlights here. The nightlife is as vibrant as the daytime, which serves the purpose of keeping people occupied

throughout the day. Families moving into this city can enjoy the lush green Verulamium park along with the boating lake, the favourite getaway spot for most of them.


The top element on any person’s checklist when settling in a new place would be the quality of education one can avail from that particular neighbourhood. Few schools in the UK provide top-class education facilities for students. More than a dozen schools can be found in St Alban that are qualified as top-notch, and a couple more schools that fall under the second tier provide a decent education. One of the UK’s best schools is at Alban’s for girls that offer secondary education. Most families find St Albans a perfect place to raise children for this very reason. With a blend of entertainment, education and cultural heritage, St Alban would be the ideal place for early and new families to settle in the long term.


St Albans is synonymous with a rich history that has been lurking around since the iron age takes place regularly that keeps the entire city alive throughout the year. Several events include comedy, music, and art theatres that lure people from different parts of the country. The art-house cinema at Odyssey, and the Malting Arts theatre, are some of the well-known places where events are held. The street music that echoes along the lanes of St Albans is a notable element of the city. Not to forget the mouth-watering food and variety of cuisines available in St Albans that attract a specific type of crowd to this place. Festivities like the beer and cider festival and food and drinks festival are some of the people’s favourites in this city.


Travelling from one place to another is the primary hassle for working-class people in the UK. Most of them opt for public modes of transport to escape the gridlock during the prime hours of the day. Tube stations and links to different regions of London make it easier for people to commute from St Albans. This is one reason why people prefer to live in St Albans. With underground links, St Pancras can be reached within 17 minutes, while West Hampstead is roughly 13 minutes away from St Albans. Access to airports in London is also available through the super-fast Thames link train. Those who stick to roadways can effortlessly take the M25 and M1 roads for national and local travel.

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