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5 Home Renovation Trend Predictions for This Year

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Five Home Renovation Trend Predictions for This Year

Owning a property and having the ability to make your upgrades can be truly rewarding. A simple renovation such as a kitchen remodel, landscaping work, or installing a new HVAC system can make a huge difference in how we live our day-to-day lives at home. Here are a few of the main trends we can expect to see in home renovation projects this year.

  • Amplifying your outdoor space.

As a result of the recent wave of remote jobs over the past couple of years, an increasing number of people are spending more time at home. That means amplifying your outdoor living space and creating an area that is inviting and comfortable. With spring right around the corner, home renovation experts are predicting that we will see many projects such as patios, gardens, and decks. Amplifying your outdoor living space by adding these touches makes for a functional yet comfortable experience. We can also expect to see outdoor entertainment areas as well as outdoor kitchens.

  • Renovating your bathroom and kitchen.

As high-traffic areas in a home, kitchens and bathrooms should be practical and functional for everyday use. Experts predict that these two areas will be a priority for home renovators and in high demand for home improvement companies in VA. We can expect various projects such as replacing old countertops for new, upgrading cabinetry with stain finishes or new hardware, faucet replacement, adding light fixtures, and updating outdated appliances for newer, cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology.

  • Energy-efficient technology.

On the topic of energy-efficient appliances, experts say we can also expect a trend here. As a greater number of people are increasing their efforts in sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices whilst also cutting down their utility costs, energy-efficient appliances let homeowners have this all in one as they can make their homes more eco-friendly.

Homeowners across America have an extra incentive through the Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit to make their homes eco-friendly as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act. Adding solar panels is one upgrade we can predict will be a trend for many homeowners. Additionally, energy-efficient appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, and stovetops will become more popular across the country.

  • Creating a home office.

This is an additional trend we will see for homeowners this year, especially people who work from home regularly. Having a comfortable and efficient workspace that lets you be productive is a priority for many people, so ensuring that your at-home living space carries these qualities is crucial. Homeowners may either build a workspace from scratch or upgrade an existing home office to allow for more functionality.

  • Having an accessory apartment.

As a result of current real estate costs, many homeowners rely on additional incomes to assist in paying off their mortgages. That’s why we can expect to see a trend in multi-dwelling residences or accessory apartments in efforts to keep up with rising interest rates and real estate costs.

If you want to make upgrades in your home and you’re looking for home improvement companies in VA, contact us to schedule an estimate.

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