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5 Home Decor Tips for Renters

Just because you are renting an apartment or home does not mean that you cannot decorate. Here are some home decor tips especially for renters that keep the environment clean and move-out ready with less hassle.

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1. Peel and Stick Drawer Liners

Dollar stores and department stores sell various prints of peel-and-stick drawer liners. Installing them in your kitchen and bathroom drawers makes them easier to clean when it’s time for a deep clean and when it’s also time to move out. Plus, that pop of color from the liner is better to look at than the boring original color of the drawer.

2. Plastic Command Hooks for Hanging Up Art and Pictures

Plastic command hooks are easy to install and remove. They do not damage your walls and put holes in them like hammer nails. They come with super adhesive attachments that last for months on your walls. All you have to do is clean the area in which you want to display the frame, let it dry, adhere the backing to the hook against the wall, and let it set for a few hours before displaying the picture.

Display your favorite pictures of family and friends or delightful paintings from artists you love to decorate your apartment’s walls. Pick up a six-pack or a twelve-pack of plastic Command hooks so you have them on hand for new art and picture displays throughout your apartment.

3. Peel and Stick Wall Stickers

Wall stickers come in a variety of sayings, notable characters, and art that can add personality to any room. You can find them most affordable at local dollar stores.

Add motivational sayings on the wall near your workstation if you work from home. Slap on food wall stickers in your kitchen. If you have children, there are many wall stickers available that feature their favorite cartoon characters to place on the walls in their rooms.

4. Use Tops of Dressers and Cabinets As Knick-Knack Displays

While you can install free-standing shelves using plastic command hooks, you can cut down on the installation hassle and display your knick-knacks on top of dressers. Picture frames, Funko Pops, figurines, and mementos from past trips are some of the many things you can display on top of your clothing dressers or bedside tables.

Make each area one theme. For example, the top of a storage cabinet can have Funko Pops while the top of a bedroom dresser can have pictures of family and friends on it.

5. Invest In a Folding Table

If you do not have a dining room in your apartment, this home decor hack is for you! Invest in a folding table that allows you to have it out when you are doing personal projects or eating meals. When you are done, you can easily fold it back up and store it behind a dresser, so there is more space in your living room. Especially if you have little ones watching television or playing in the living room, this extra space will be substantial!

Before You Go

What is your favorite home decor tip from this list? If you have a specific decor hack that is not on this list that you would like to share, leave it in the comments below!

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