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5 Basic Home Repairs

Homeowners should know the basics of home repairs. If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that at some point your household will need an expert plumber, electrician or painter to tackle a difficult job. But having even a fundamental knowledge of these trades can help you with some simple jobs you can do on your own. What Are the Most Common Home Repairs? Here are five simple yet important home repairs that many homeowners know how to do.

1) Fixing a leaking faucet

Fixing a leaky faucet is an easy job for someone with basic DIY skills, and it’s likely to save you money in the long run compared with hiring someone to come in and make the repair. A big part of fixing a leaky faucet depends on understanding how the faucet works. Once you’ve got that figured out, it’s just a matter of taking apart the pieces, replacing any worn seals or O-rings and putting everything back together again.

2) Replacing a toilet

You may think that replacing a toilet is something only a plumber can do, but the truth is it’s easier than you might think. Toilet replacement parts are easy to find at any hardware store, and you can get step-by-step illustrated instructions online for how to replace both the tank and bowl of your old toilet with new ones.

3) Fixing Windows and Doors

Need to fix that old window? Or maybe you want to put on some new glass doors. Fixing windows and doors is a great way to save some cash! Luckily, fixing windows and doors is not too hard if you pick the correct tools for the job.

If you’re having problems opening or closing your door, then it’s likely that your hinges are loose! Over time, the screws in your house can become loose. You can find replacement hardware in most home improvement stores. You can also choose to upgrade the hinges with fancier ones.

If your window has gotten excessively dirty, then it could mean that dust and other debris have gotten into the tracks that guide it open and closed. You can use a window cleaner or vinegar to clean out the window tracks.

It’s also possible that your locks are not working properly, which can cause doors not to close or open. You can remove the lock, clean off any dirt with a bright brush, and apply spray lubricant to make your locks easier to use.

4) Installing a dimmer switch

Installing a dimmer switch is an easy task for those who have basic wiring skills. Once you understand the difference between a single pole and a three-way switch, it’s just a matter of inserting the right wires into the different parts of the switch, screwing in any necessary light bulbs and attaching all of the pieces to your wall.

5) Putting up a shelf

Fancy, store-bought shelves can set you back hundreds of dollars. But if you’re just looking to add some more storage space in your home—and have the time and patience to do so—you can easily install simple plywood or sheet metal shelves with brackets that are widely available at any hardware store.

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