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3 Places to Take the Kids in Indianapolis This Fall

Indianapolis is an incredible city in the fall.  As the trees shift color and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s easy to get lost in the magic of the season.  From picking out a pumpkin to taking your kids trick-or-treating and spending time with loved ones: it’s important you get the most you can get out of autumn.

These are three places to take your kids in Indianapolis once fall hits, and why they’re such fun stops!

Why Fall is so Magical for Kids

Fall is an incredible time of year for children.  Not only does it give them the chance to watch as the leaves change and the air starts to chill, but they get the fun of looking forward to Halloween and other fun fall holidays while families finish up their successful hunts for Indianapolis houses for sale.

You can make this even more fun for them by ensuring that they get enough fall outings and time to take in the fresh air before winter hits.  Although you can still spend time outside once it gets snowy and cold, it’s a good idea to get as much outdoor time as the fall will let you grab!

Kids’ Mini Pumpkins Workshop

Mini pumpkins are lots of fun, so why not have fun with your kids while letting them explore their creative side?  At this Dammann’s Garden Center event on September twenty-fourth, from one to two pm, you can enjoy picking out and decorating pumpkins with your kids!  This is a free and fun event for everyone to enjoy!

North Shadeland Fall Festival

Hosted outside of a shopping center, and planned to be safe and comfortable for kids of all ages, October first is a magical day!  From two to four PM, you can take your kids out to enjoy an afternoon of play, and music, get their faces painted, and enjoy endless fall-themed games.  This is a great stop for parents who want to help their kids welcome the season in an incredibly fun way!

2022 Morgan County Fall Foliage Festival

Why not take in a fun craft market, car show, and pumpkin festival with your kids?  The 2022 Morgan County Fall Foliage Festival is on October sixth at five pm and offers a wide range of fun and excitement for the whole family.  This carnival night has live entertainment, gorgeous art, and lots of games and fun for everyone.

How to Dress for the Fall in Indianapolis

Although it rarely falls before November in Indianapolis, you should still keep an eye on the weather once it starts into October!  If you want to be thrifty, buy winter coats, gloves, and boots in early Spring when they go on sale.  In the fall, it’s important your kids wear layers, so as the Indianapolis weather shifts, or if they head inside from an activity, it’s easy to get comfortable by removing or adding a layer of clothing!

There’s Nothing Quite Like Family Fall Fun!

If you’re eager to make this a season your kids will never forget, it’s important to take the time to plan outings and experiences that will spark their imagination.  Try one of these three memorable places, and make sure to take pictures!

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