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10 Tips On How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Five Star Room

We all love to stay in a five-star hotel, but the high prices limit our stay. So, one of the best ways to enjoy the same vibe at home is by bringing in all the luxurious features to your bedroom. First of all, what makes a luxe five-star hotel room? Cozy beds, lavish interiors, fresh laundry sheets, and you are ready to recreate the scenario at your home.

From bed to curtains and from the bathroom to lighting fixtures, you will have to do a lot of research. To convert your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room, we bring tips from expert professional interior designers. They have the experience of building some of the best five-star rooms across the globe. We have selected the best ten tips to help you turn your bedroom into a five-star room.

#1. Upgrade your bed linens:

The first and foremost task you have to undertake while revamping your bedroom into a pristine hotel room is upgrading your bed lines. Without any doubt, we all love to crash into the bed in the hotel room as we all love to sleep better. It would be best if you upgrade your bed into a comfortable shooting den. According to experts, you must always prioritize top-quality cotton linens as they feel soft to touch. You can also bring in some rose essential oil to bring the hotel feel at home.

#2. Don’t forget to upgrade lighting fixtures:

Lighting fixtures in your bedroom is one of the most crucial aspects you must focus on while creating a luxurious living space. Like the bed linens, go with soft lighting, whether for reading lamps or LED fittings, and ensure that you provide enough room for natural lighting.

#3. Pen down all the essential accessories:

Five-star hotel rooms are aligned with turns of amazing accessories, which tempt their guests to extend their stay. It can be comfy pillows, shower curtains, or other essential accessories that make the guest feel comfortable. You have to ensure that you bring in accessories depending on the size of your room to ensure that your bedroom is visually appealing. So, here are some of the best accessories you can shop for to create your bedroom into a high-end hotel room.

You can shop the products mentioned above from a trusted home décor brand to have the best and latest varieties along with some exciting discounts.

#4. Take cleaning seriously: 

One of the prominent advantages of living in a five-star hotel is that you don’t have to make the bed every morning and keep accessories organized. But you don’t get to enjoy the premium features at your home as you are responsible for the housekeeping of your bedroom. You have to dedicate all your efforts to maintenance to ensure that your adventure of living in a high-end bedroom lasts long.

#5. Selecting the right color palette:

One thing which tends to remain undiscussed about hotel rooms is the wall paint color selection. Hotel rooms tend to have vibrant colors to relax visitors as some visitors might have sleep issues at unknown locations. When it comes to your bedroom, you have to ensure that you select the best color combinations to give a relaxing vibe to your living space. You can either go with soft templates such as beige, white, or blue, as they tend to be neutral and happy colors for bedrooms. You have to follow the same for bedsheets and avoid extremely bright colors such as red bed sheets as they can be haunting at times.

#6. How can fresh flowers make a difference?

Most modern-day luxurious hotel rooms have fresh flowers as no essential oil or room fragrance spray can match the mesmerizing natural essence of fresh flowers. According to professional interior designs, fresh flowers have the power to make any room fancy. Moreover, bringing in flowers in your room is an excellent idea if you are ready to take the responsibility of maintenance on your shoulders. You should also not stick to a specific type of flower. Rather move out and explore different fresh flowers depending on the season.

#7. Bring in soft rug close to bed:

Most of the premium hotel rooms have soft rugs near to bed to provide royal treatment to all their customers. You can use the same style in your bedroom by bringing Moroccan rugs, which are extremely comfy and soft to touch. You can finalize the colors based on the designs of your room.

#8. Don’t skip the bathroom:

Hotel bathrooms are also loved a lot by customers. Everyone loves to use a spacious and clean bathroom. To make everything streamlined, you will have to tuck all your beauty products on individual shelves and store everyday essentials in a basket. You can also hang beautiful mirrors on the wall along with shower curtains.

#9. Binge with a candle:

Generally, shopping for scented candles can be expensive, but you can get a smaller one that can last for the entire season. You can go with citrus and floral scents for spring, and sandalwood and cedar scents would be perfect for the winter.

#10. Don’t ignore little luxuries:

Bedding and decor are not all it takes to build a DIY and luxurious hotel-like bedroom at home. You have to invest in little luxuries such as keeping a freshwater mug and glass on the bedside table, hangers in the closet to add neatness and convenience, new magazines, novels, and a sound machine to keep yourself motivated.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you have to learn to keep things simple and personal while transforming your bedroom into a hotel-like room. You can afford to be selfish here because it is important to categorize your needs while customizing the room according to your fit. Ultimately, you have to shop for luxuries that provide comfort and a relaxing feel to your life.

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